Frictionless Yield

Orion redistributes 6% of each transaction back to its holders. This allows your bank to grow as long as you hold. No overdraft fees, no big banks, no government manipulation.    

Infinite Deflationary Currency

Orion burns tokens quarterly, increasing the value of your holdings by reducing supply. Orion obliterates 30% of total supply to the bottomless pit with a strike from its sword, out of circulation forever.


Orion is fighting for the future

Orion, the noblest of all tokens is honoring the bravest little fighters in the world by donating 3% to children’s cancer research hospitals. Wounded and suffering on the worlds deadliest battlefield, managing to smile through the pain, these warriors have the right to live. Our community will strike down this cancer plague and make a difference together.

What is the Orion Initiative

Orion is not a project, it’s an initiative built with multiple applications and purposes. We are in no way a meme coin, but something much more valuable.

In Greek mythology Orion was a giant huntsman whom Zeus (or perhaps Artemis) placed among the stars as the constellation of Orion. Orion served several roles in ancient culture; he was venerated as a hero, in the region of Boeotia; and there is one etiological passage which says that Orion was responsible for the present shape of the strait of Sicily. The constellation also lines up perfectly with the Egyptian Pyramids in the night sky.

The purpose for naming our initiative after this ancient hunter, is that we feel the constellation is a path for the world to follow. You can always find your way if you are lost by following the 3 massive stars on Orion’s belt, Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak. Orion itself is among the brightest and most prominent in the winter sky. Orion was a brave hunter, and although he faced obstacles throughout his lifetime, he managed to fight through them and become victorious, claiming his spot amongst the stars for eternity.

Childhood cancer is not fair, the suffering of these young fighters is unimaginable. Yet they show bravery and courage through perseverance. Most of these children do not understand what or why this is happening to them. As they are poked and prodded with experimental chemicals that break their bodies down, they stand strong. These children are the future. Childhood cancer is personal to us, and we will not stop until we find a cure. That’s why 3% of our liquidity will be donated to vetted children’s hospitals around the world, to find a cure to this merciless plague.

The Orion initiative is also building the first exchange with un-rugable liquidity pools as well as token lockers. If a new coin creates a pool at Orion Finance the liquidity will be auto locked for 90 days. We feel if you are serious, and your project is legitimate, you would have found initial resources that are able to fund your creation. The Binance Smart Chain is a great platform with lots of opportunities for the future of finance. However it is being destroyed by scammers coming in droves to take advantage of unknowing investors trying to secure a future for themselves and their families. With our platform your investment is safe and secure.

The Orion finance team has built their business from the ground up with hard work and determination, expecting others to do the same. Through honesty and integrity, we shall thrive. Orion Finance will also feature real-time analytics as well as live graphs of all currencies listed on the Binance Smart Chain as well as the Ethereum Mainnet. We will also feature a lending platform where investors can access and be instantly approved to thousands of lenders worldwide. Last but not least, investors will be able to farm and stake the Orion Finance Shilling Token (Ticker: SHILL). We will continue to grow with the latest technology, and innovations securing the future for all investors worldwide.


TOKEN ADDRESS 0x2821989877c0189bf63837f18a2856E30297AF70
1,000,000,000,000,000 300,000,000,000,000 250,000,000,000,000 300,000,000,000,000





Liquidity Pool










Orion will have 2 presales 40% whitelisted, 60% hosted on Dxsale. This will  be a fair launch with a max 2 BNB on whitelist and 4 BNB on Dxapp. Whitelist will be on a first come first serve basis and will only be announced on Telegram.

Liquidity Locked

100% Liquidity will be locked until 2050.

Unlocking anytime before that is unnecessary. 

Dump proof

MaxTx prevents huge dumps at once, transactions for the first quarter will be limited to 3 trillion tokens per transaction. Whales are welcome, but its important for our team to protect all investors from massive losses.  


We will not renounce ownership, This term is just a manipulative tactic used by scammers to make investors feel comfortable. Our team will continue to publicly represent our community with hands on tactics and growth worldwide.




  • Website and social media launch
  • Presale
  • Meet the Team
  • Coin marketcap and Coin Gecko Listing
  • Marketing Push (in progress)
  • Community Fundraiser For Exchange (Shilling Locked Liquidity Pool)
  • Contract Audit


  • Whitebit, Bitmart listing
  • Orion Finance exchange launch
  • Mobile app development and launch
  • Staking and farming enable
  • Lending platform launch
  • Add team members
  • 1st children's hospital donation


  • Look out binance here we come
  • International exchange listings
  • NFT sports gaming Conceptualization
  • Donation #2

How to buy

Contact Us


Everyone has something to offer in their own unique way. As this is such a big project we are looking for volunteer’s ready to join our community, A little help goes along way. Its a great opportunity to learn many skills and move up to a permanent position in the company.   

Blockchain is the future of currency, It is free of government manipulation and is owned by the community that drives its growth.  

Feel free to reach out by email to: [email protected] 

Matthew O

CEO FR Charities Inc,  CEO Summit Media Group. Father husband and entrepreneur. Houston TX.

Paul J

COO FR Charities Inc. COO Summit Media. Father, husband, and businessman. Los Angeles, Ca

Cindy V
Media Buyer

Los Angeles, Ca

Kelly L
Marketing, Lead Generation

Houston, TX                                                                                                                 .

Jered A
Software Engineer

Mountain View, CA

Sam V
Community, Social Media Manager

Hanoi, Vietnam

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